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14 maj, 2019

Inspiration and tips for the Datastory Summer Challenge

Hi there! We are receiving many interesting questions from you about our summer challenge "Visualizing Humanity". Below we try to give some helpful tips and answer the most commonly asked questions!

By the way, you can submit an entry to the challenge until May 26! https://datastory.org/challenge ➡️🏆💚

Questions and answers

Where can I find open data? Here are some of our favourite links to collections of both small and big data: https://data.worldbank.org/ https://datahub.io/collections https://github.com/awesomedata/awesome-public-datasets https://data.unicef.org/ https://registry.opendata.aws/

Where can I find good examples of visualization? Data journalism: https://github.com/wbkd/awesome-interactive-journalism https://datajournalismawards.org/projects/ Data storytelling: https://pudding.cool/ Infographics: https://informationisbeautiful.net/ https://www.malofiejgraphics.com/

Art and interaction: https://vimeo.com/eyeofestival https://experiments.withgoogle.com/collection/arts-cultur What are some tools I can use to visualize information? Here's a good resource bank: http://www.visualisingdata.com/resources/ For the challenge there are no restrictions. You can use anything from Excel to mapping tools to hand-drawn infographics. How can I present information?

Here's a great overview of data visualization models! https://datavizproject.com/

What does the grant / working with Datastory mean? The purpose of Datastory (a non-profit organization) is to develop stories and tools that citizens can use to understand pressing topics of our time. For this reason we want to make sure that your idea reaches an audience and that it contributes to the public understanding of that topic. If you are one of the winners of the competition, we will discuss with you how to best initiate a collaboration, remotely or at our office in Sweden. The grant is aimed at covering your expenses to join a number of workshops with our team where we discuss how to realize your idea in one or several of Datastory's channels (online and/or offline). What are the criteria you are judging entries by? Entries – whether in written or visual form – will be judged based on these criteria: Impact, User friendliness, Data and Experience. We are looking for visualizations that show one or several aspects of humanity in a way that makes them more accessible. The visualization should have a component of facilitating our understanding of a topic or at least create more interest to learn. It can be based on a small set of data or point towards a larger experience.

For more information about how to apply, check out this page: https://datastory.org/challenge

Good luck! /Datastory Team

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