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The winners – Datastory Summer Challenge a

The Datastory Summer Challenge received applications from all around the world on themes ranging from trade to environment to elderly care. A big Thank you to everyone who participated!

The jury had a very difficult task at hand assessing the social good impact of the ideas. But without further ado, here are the top 3:

The Winner

The winner of Datastory Summer Challenge 2019 – and a grant of 30,000 SEK to build out her idea – is Karen Cuenca. Congratulations!

Winner: Karen Cuenca

Karen has a background in Public Policy and is based in the United States. Her idea is around developing models for visualizing the "The Circular Economy City". In her application she writes that "it is important that companies and governments work together to develop a circular economy that separates economic growth from resource consumption". She wants readers to be able to understand how different circular economy projects can work together to make substantial changes to the local economy for sustainable outcomes.

Over the next weeks, the Datastory team looks forward to initiate a collaboration with Karen to shine more light on the research and solutions relating to cities and sustainability.

Second prize

Robin Hammar and Lina Wang win the 2nd prize in the Datastory challenge with a project idea focusing on the impact of environmental initiatives and CO2 emissions.

Robin Hammar is a Unity programmer and designer with a background in engineering and Lina Wang is a graduate game developer specializing in 3D artistry.

The Datastory jury was very impressed by their contribution and how it combined advanced graphics and programming to create an entirely new experience.

Third prize

With his idea Chattitude, Karl Lindahl wins 3rd prize and 2,000 SEK.

Karl wants to challenge the idea that "we can't live together due to our differences of opinion." His idea seeks to make conversation more open and pushing people into finding common ground.

We hope to be able to collaborate with Karl in the future to realize his bold vision in a format that can benefit many people around the world.

What's next?

For Datastory it has been very exciting to arrange this competition and get to know how students and professionals from different parts of the world think around "doing good with data". To follow the development of Karen's project – and other projects Datastory supports – follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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